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NAIFA Memphis/West TN

Handling Objections to the IDI Sale

May 4, 2021

12:00 - 1:00 PM

Sam Duffy - Headshot-1

Sam Duffey


For many producers, if you are doing the right things and talking to enough people, you WILL run into objections. Me, I’d rather avoid objections all together, but objections are and will be an important part of the sales process. 

Think about it this way, you are probably asking your clients to exchange often large sums of their hard-earned money for something you offer. It could be a life insurance policy, it could be a savings or retirement strategy, or it could be a written plan for a fee. Worse, most of what we sell has delayed gratification for the benefit!

Regardless, just about any aspect of finances is probably a big deal to your client and they will want to make sure, make sure again, ask a friend, double check, and circle back just to confirm that they are on the right track! That's where the objections come in and it's normal! In this work session, we will talk about some common objections and sales concepts to help you position your practice and your client for a disability income sale naturally and comfortably so that you can gain permission to get to the next steps of discovery, recommendation, and implementation.





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